Noisy Toyz BIO

Mars Marshall

Guitarist, Composer, Musician

Noisy Toyz is a music project formed by Mars Marshall who is a guitarist/composer/producer.  Mars has been composing music for Computer Games, Tv shows and Amatuer Film for the last 12 years.

After mixing metal guitars with industrial sounds with the albums "Toybox" and "Playing with my Mind",  Mars added symphonic orchestral parts and female lead vocals to his third album "The Fate of Dreams" in 2012. The album has risen with great acclaim and had a great reivew by Ravenheart music who also gave Noisy Toyz a feature and interview. Other reviews said of the album being 'reminiscent of Epica, Leaves Eyes and Sirenia but with their own sound and style'. Noisy Toyz released the singles "Fallen angel" and "Immortal Life" from the album.

Mars got various musicians  to play live and played a few shows in 2012 with 'Hannah Bingham' on lead vocals and then 'Gemma Louise Edwards' on lead vocals in 2013 who has appreared on the tv show "the Voice" and sung at wenbley stadium. Noisy Toyz started recording some tracks with Gemma and made the video for the single "Trail Of Tears"

Mars recruited session singer 'Lisa Axworthy' on lead vocals and finished recording the album "Forever One" which was released in May 2014, The album expanded in the orchestral field and features the singles "Trail of Tears" and "April Rain". The album got 9/10 on most album reviews and had great reviews and is still going from strength to strength.  

Mars is currently writing and recording the  new album with soprano "jennifer Sakura" from Boston USA and the album will be be aiming for release in  September 2020.

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