Why not have a one to one Guitar/bass lesson from Mars and his special unique guitar method to improve your guitar playing quickly.  Mars has been teaching for 15 years and taught many classes and workshops. so has developed his own method for beginners to learn and progress guitar, bass guitar quickly.

Mars customises your own lesson for you and teaches the music and songs that you would like to learn. Mars also makes your own backing tracks for you so with each lesson you get a backing music track with bass and drums to accompany you and  also the sheet music to the song or lesson can be download . 


the Guitar/Bass lessons can be live on webcam or a downloable files of


-  video (me playing the guitar parts ,lead ideas etc and the lesson slowed down),

 - mp3 backing track of the song fast and slow to practice .

 - PDF tab files of the lesson which can be downloaded. 

Lessons are £15.00 per hour, this includes the video and PDF of the lesson.

Music is all about having fun  so learn your favourite songs.  you will be able to play lots of songs and this is guaranteed by his teaching methiod to progress quickly. 

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