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" Forever One" Album Review 2015

The opening track "Avalon" stuck out to me the most for I felt as though it was like I was listening to a musical. "In Paradise" will have you humming the song long after you are done listening to the album. The title track "Forever One" has a very Within Temptation feel to the song what with Lisa presenting the listener with her higher notes. "Trail of Tears" is one of my favourites on the album as I find it's one of the more darker songs and it's very reminiscent to the sound of Leaves' Eyes. All in all, I was very impressed with the quality of the album as a whole and I look forward to hearing more from the band in the future. If you are familiar with symphonic metal, don't hesitate to give these guys a listen. You won't be disappointed!”

Amelia Epica - Carrock metal

"Straight away your hooked to the powerful symphonic metal that the Noisy Toyz deliver. The powerfull catchy riffs and hooks continue throughout the album with silky sublime vocals being simply addictive in their silkiness. Reminiscent of Epica and Liquid Sky,this band manage to maintain thier own strong identity,while fitting into the symphonic femme-metal genre. "

Gary Trueman - AFV magazine

Fallen Angel video

Featured on 'Female Metal Radio' channel

New Album 2023

The Single "Black Knight Of the Moon" which features Soprano "Jenn Sakura" on Lead vocals fron Boston USA. 

The Single is from the Forthcoming Album to be released early 2023

Noisy Toyz

Noisy Toyz is a music project formed by Guitarist/composer Mars Marshall.

After mixing metal guitars with industrial sounds with the albums "Toybox" and "Playing with my Mind",  Mars added symphonic orchestral parts and female lead vocals to the albums "The Fate of Dreams" 2012 and  "Forever One". 2014 The albums has risen with great acclaim and had  great reviews . Other reviews said of the album being 'reminiscent of Epica, Leaves Eyes and Sirenia but with their own sound and style'.

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